Alabama - USA
Located in the Southeastern United States, Alabama may seem an unlikely place to go ski and snowboarding an yet it does exist here, when the conditions are right. Most, if not all, ski and snowboard activities reside in the Northeastern part of the state where the Appalachian Mountain Range which extends from Maine all the way to Alabama, ends. Unlike other more Northerly or high altitude locations which rely on a heavier amounts of natural snowfall possibly augmented by snowmaking equipment, all snow sports locations in Alabama rely totally on man-made snow and the temperatures being cold enough long enough to make it. Alabama may not be the snow sports capital of the world but for those die hard fans who find themselves in the deep south or southerners looking to try something new Alabama just may offer the right combination of price and convenience. Whether your interests be skiing, snowboarding, or some other snow sports activity, give Alabama a try, you might just be pleasantly surprised.

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