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Locations Filmed - Participating Riders etc. ( in order as they appear)


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Media Note: Direct narration from the script always appears in italics and quotes.

Opening Montage

"We spend our lives looking for a perfect combination of slope and temperature…technique and daring, freedom and power. There we'll inhabit a world driven by the power of snow, a power born of a reaction that produces no heat, a universe fueled by Cold Fusion." Warren Miller's opening lines accompany film-reel images of the nuclear age, setting the stage for the film's COLD FUSION theme. Before you can blink, the screen explodes with adrenaline-fueled cliff launches, gigantic gap jumps, astounding rail slides and death-defying crashes. Hold onto your seat, because this is just the beginning of COLD FUSION- The Power of Snow. - Top of Page

Verbier, Switzerland: Skiing Legends, Old and New
Riders: Glen Plake, Seth Morrison, Shane Szocs, Doug Coombs
Equipment: Skis

There are many amazing skiers in the world, but few as good as legends Glen Plake, Seth Morrison, and Shane Szocs. Join them as they blast through pristine powder, spending a week at Doug Coombs's ski camp in Verbier, Switzerland. Coombs can't resist skipping his own class and joins in as these skiing superstars, old and new, launch off cliffs, power flawlessly down rugged terrain, press the boundaries of steep lines, and race avalanches in front of the exquisite backdrop of the Swiss Alps. Portraits of each of these four diverse ski heroes, remind us of the numerous, varied, and endless joys of skiing. - Top of Page

Girdwood, Alaska: Beautiful Big Mountain Snowboarding
Riders: Julie Zell, Klas Vangen, Rob Kingwill
Equipment: Snowboards

Just above the world's only sea-level ski resort soar the magnificent peaks of Girdwood, Alaska, where "mountains trace jagged profiles across the skyline above the frigid ocean." Experienced Alaska snowrider Julie Zell leads the way down the incredibly steep lines, followed by "newbies" Klas Vangen and Rob Kingwill. In a striking landscape, the three send up powdery rooster trails in their wake, cruising with seeming nonchalance through magnificent terrain. Just beneath their snowboards is the ever-present danger of the mountains. As Zell discovers, "I glanced out of the corner of my eye and saw this big freight train of snow barreling at me." Amazingly tumbling out of this avalanche unharmed, she cheerfully remarks, "I don't recommend that for a thrill." - Top of Page

Brighton, Utah: Going Big in Big Cottonwood Canyon
Riders: Chris Collins, Matt Collins, Jamie Pierre, Ash Christiensen
Equipment: Skis and Snowboards

Exposed cliffs and chutes, steeps, trees, and thrills! Join brother "steep junkies" Matt and Chris Collins and a collection of other wild riders just outside of Salt Lake at Brighton resort, where "it snowed 7 or 8 feet in the past week!" These riders explode through the trees, launch off houses, and flip off mammoth cliffs with fearless new school flair. Freeriding's best devour Brighton's expansive terrain, then call their wisdom into question, building several monstrous gap jumps. Their lack of concern for personal safety as they hurtle across creeks and dizzying gaps makes for fantastic vicarious viewing. Watch for the one that doesn't quite make it across the creek! - Top of Page

Whistler, British Columbia: The Lifestyle and Legend of Eric Pehota
Riders: Eric Pehota, Logan Pehota, Dalton Pehota, Wendy Brookbank, Richie Schley
Equipment: Skis

Venture to Whistler, British Columbia, drive deep into the woods, walk by the log mill, and enter the enchanting world of legendary skier Eric Pehota. Skiing magazine writes that Pehota is "widely considered the most accomplished adventure skier in North America." He rips, he shreds, he barrels down the mountain like a powder keg. But wait! Who's that behind him? Soaring off jumps, Pehota's young children (4 and 6) astoundingly follow right in the tracks and dreams of their father. Pehota says, "Live every day like it's your last." This particular "last day" of Pehota's culminated in a helicopter trip with extreme skiers Wendy Brookbank and Richie Schley to the magnificent backcountry of Whistler, B.C. A positive role model to his family, Pehota's also an inspiration to Brookbank and Schley, who race to keep up with the master on this demanding and glorious backcountry terrain. - Top of Page

Freeski Montage: A New School Explosion
Riders: JP Auclair, Vincent Dorion, Tanner Hall, and others
Equipment: Skis and Rails

Cameraman John Decesare captures new school freeride giants J.P. Auclair and Vincent Dorion like they've never been seen before. Not content with the terrain parks at their local resorts, this fearless band of freeriders turn the unthinkable into fuel for their adrenaline. You'll see huge nailbiting railslides on bridges, banisters, and bus stops; 4-story parking garage leaps; and even a run along the top of grandma's shrubbery. Defiant defacement of public property? Probably, but it's incredibly cool action like you've never seen before. - Top of Page

Yellowstone Club: Warren Miller's Secret Location
Riders: Warren Miller and friends
Equipment: Skis and snowboard

"When I was young, I thought I'd live forever. Now that I'm 76 years old, I think I probably already have." At 76, Warren Miller is still skiing for the cameras, giving us a tour of his private resort, the Yellowstone Club. Cruising through untracked powder, Miller reminds us that, "bumps are like heartbeats. You only have so many of them in your knees, and when they're gone, they're gone." Between philosophical contemplations on both skiing and life, he fills the segment with anecdotes that are nothing but quintessential Warren Miller. Miller inspires us to keep skiing through all stages of life. Discussing his life at the Yellowstone Club, he says, "I know that a lot of you folks think that we're over the hill, but we know that we're 14-year-old kids trapped inside our senior citizens' bodies-heading down the same hill that you are." - Top of Page

Kenya: Bushwhacking to the Summit
Riders: Justine Von Houte, Kristin Lignell
Equipment: Skis

Towering over the majestic East African plains soars the solitary peak of Mt. Kenya. Located on the equator, this 17,054 ft mountain is home to a vast, expansive landscape so unparalleled, it's hard to believe it sits on this earth. With skis strapped to their backs, freeriders Kristin Lignell and Justine Von Houte take off on an exceptional journey as they climb towards the top of this enormous mountain. Trekking for days through bamboo forests and mystical scenery, they ascend toward the summit. Step by step, as they approach the top of the world, they have only one thought in mind-skiing down. Once at the top, the women exchange their crampons for skis and blast down the mountain, gliding over challenging glaciers with incredible grace. Blasting over cornices and carving past boulders and crevasses, the two women dance on the mountain--a captivating once-in-a-lifetime adventure. - Top of Page

Winter Park, Colorado: A New World Record at the Nissan Exhibition
Riders: Matt Chojnacki, Eric Bergoust, Nicolas Fonatine, Joe Pack, Ales Valenta, Andy Capicik, Steve Omischl, Mariano Ferrario, Brian Currutt
Equipment: Skis

"Nearly twenty years ago Frankie Bare did the world's first triple-twisting quad somersault. It's taken this long for someone to consider attempting the quad-quad. Today is the day." Witness a gravity-defying, world record-breaking jump at the Nissan Big Air Exhibition at Winter Park. Matt Chojnacki breaks the record with a "quad-quad" (four back flips with four twists). This astounding jump has never before been attempted on snow! And of course, the Warren Miller camera crew is there to capture it as it happens. But Matt isn't the only one flaunting grace and perfection off these dizzying inverted aerial jumps. Join Olympic Gold Medallist Eric Bergoust and other renowned members of the US freestyle team as they choreograph stunning combined maneuvers through the air. They fuse the science of building the perfect jump with a talent for acrobatic artistry and sheer gusto for a heart pumping, mesmerizing five and a half minutes. - Top of Page

Copper Mountain, Colorado: A Ride on the Bus
Riders: Matt Quam, Ben Dolenc, Greg Tuffelmire, Dena Melin, Colin Otte, and "Lupe the Flying Chihuahua"
Equipment: Alpine skis, Telemark Skis, Snowboards

Meet riders of the Copper Freeride team in hilarious interviews on a wildly fishtailing bus in the parking lot. The outrageous clunky "interviewer" (a cleverly disguised veteran Warren Miller cameraman/director) is on location to meet: "progressive young homies who are busting some real phat moves these days". From this first introduction, it's clear that this crew is all about attitude and pushing the limits. Team members Ben Dolenc, Matt Quam, Greg Tuffelmire, and others rewrite the rules in the extraordinary terrain and awesome half pipe of one of Colorado's finest ski resorts. As Warren Miller says, "What more is there to need out of life than a pair of skis or snowboard, and all the time and freedom of living in a ski resort." - Top of Page

Mt. Waddington, B.C.: A Private Playground
Riders: Hilaree Nelson, Kasha Rigby, Rick Armstrong, Spencer Wheatley, Mark Synnott.
Equipment: Alpine and Telemark Skis

"Some of the rarest opportunities need to be sought out, be searched for, to be found at that point where the road all but disappears." Many miles from civilization, deep within the heart of British Columbia, lies the colossal Mount Waddington. This monstrous mountain is "so remote, the world has only known about it for a half a century." But no snow-covered peak is too large or too isolated for the Warren Miller expedition crew. Dive deep into the soul of this extreme team as they unite with the mountain and each other, working together to make sure everyone makes it to the top. After lugging skis up 4,000 vertical feet of ice for 12 hours, the simple reward is a powerful descent right back down the mountain! Tackling intimidating terrain, this team carves down this mammoth mountain with inspiring grace and the occasional harrowing crash! Luckily all survive to tell the expedition's great tale. - Top of Page

Boyne Mountain, Michigan: The Party of Your Life!
Riders: Luke Schrab, Adam Schrab, and the rest of the Midwest.
Equipment: Skis and Snowboards

Combining spectacular costumes, ski exhibitions, slush cup competitions, and enough Mardi Gras beads to swim in, when "New Orleans meets Rio on the slopes," it is truly the Midwest at its best. Wisconsin-native Warren Miller film stars Luke and Adam Schrab ditch their farm (and the national competition circuit) and travel to Michigan, just in time to spice up the Midwest's wildest snowriding party with their even wilder antics, including fearless high-speed flips into the nearby pool. Don't try this at home. - Top of Page

Backcountry Snowboarding: One Man and His Snowboard
Rider: Jussi Oksanen
Equipment: Snowboard

If there is a rider who dances with the mountain, it is Jussi. He launches off jumps with collected grace, and rides down rail slides with remarkable ease. Gliding powerfully through the air, he proves to us that one rider can truly do it all. - Top of Page

Telluride, Colorado: If You Build It, They Will Come
Riders: Sue Hill, Asia Jenkins, Toby Dawson, Donovan Power, Herb Manning, Scott Kennett
Equipment: Alpine and Telemark Skis

They said a ski resort couldn't be built here; that Telluride was too far away. Well, it turns out they were quite wrong. Telluride holds numerous rewards for those who enjoy a venture off the beaten path. Riders Toby Dawson, Donovan Power, Sue Hill, and Asia Jenkins conquer the resort's diverse terrain, punishing huge jumps and sometimes disappearing in the deep powder. Loaded with flips, cliffs, half pipes, and the new Prospect Bowl expansion--you name it, Telluride has it all! And after a thrilling day on the slopes, why not nestle into the idyllic lifestyle of the town itself. As Miller says, "At Telluride, you can beat up your body, stop off at a spa, get a mud pack and zucchini facial, and go do the same thing again tomorrow." - Top of Page

Chairlift Comedy: Will They Make it to the Top?
Riders: They'd want to remain anonymous!
Equipment: Skis and Killer Chairlifts

It's probably the worst humiliation in skiing-falling off the chairlift. Forget about those colossal crashes when you're going down the hill: these unfortunate riders barely make it to the top. As they try to get off the lifts, they lose their balance, lose their skis, and nearly lose their minds. They fall off, trip, and pile on top of each other in heaps of hysterical clumsiness. If you've ever fallen off a lift at the end of a ride-and you're lying if you say you haven't-you'll identify with this hilarious segment. Warren Miller's wit only sharpens the humor of humiliation in the scene: "Don't ever forget: you can't get hurt skiing unless you fall... This guy's still in intensive care... Here's the one ski removal-slide-spread-eagle... You want your ski? Go get it..." - Top of Page

Alaska Snowboard: Big Mountain Snowboarding
Riders: A variety of awesome snowboarders
Equipment: Snowboards

This is a sequence virtually without narration for one simple reason: the pictures speak for themselves. And for the hard-of-hearing, there's a thundering soundtrack that only intensifies the steepest, fastest, most hypnotizing big mountain riding in Alaska. If this action doesn't get your blood pumping, you better see the undertaker. - Top of Page

B.A.S.E Jumping in Europe: Flying Suits and Another World Record
Riders: Dave Barlia, Andy West
Equipment: Flying suits and a Parachute

The thrills of skiing and snowboarding are the rush of adrenaline, the pull of gravity, the reward of a perfect descent after a long climb, the blast of fresh cold air, the intensity of speed, and that dance between control and insanity. To find another sport that combines all these elements for an even more intense result, look no further than B.A.S.E jumping. In a record-breaking, 41-second freefall, B.A.S.E jump fanatic Dave Barlia puts a "flying suit" to the ultimate test, peeling gradually away from the jagged rocks below him as he rockets through the wind. Barlia and fellow adrenaline lunatic Andy West stop at nothing in their quest across Europe to fly like birds. - Top of Page

Iran: Bridging Cultural Gaps on Skis
Riders: Chris Anthony, Dean Cummings, Spencer Wheatley
Equipment: Skis

Skiers Chris Anthony, Dean Cummings and Spencer Wheatley peek beneath a veil of misunderstanding about this distant land and find a ski resort packed with locals who pursue the sport with as much heart as anyone on the planet. The expedition then braves dangerous snow pack and terrifying helicopter flights on a unique adventure in this most mysterious of countries. A fitting finale for the film, the sequence fuses breathtaking scenery, a stirring encounter with an exotic culture, graceful action, and the poignant message that "What these people really say... is 'welcome'. What they do is work to better their world. And what they love are their mountains. Had we known these people and this place, there would never have been a reason to fear them, because as Hannes Schneider said after the first World War, ' if everyone skied, there would be no wars'." - Top of Page

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