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Locations Filmed - Participating Riders etc. ( in order as they appear)


Thank You Warren Miller Entertainment for providing the following
Media Note: Direct narration from the script always appears in italics and quotes.

Opening Montage

The swirling storm clouds and driving blizzard footage of the film's opening moments are just a precursor to the torrent of action that sets the tone for the film. The action begins with a relentless assault of big air, big wrecks, sweeping cinematography, edgy action, and sidesplitting laughs that are the essence of the entire film packed into just a few minutes of montage.

Blue River, B.C., Canada: A Dream Come True at Mike Wiegele's Heli-Skiing
Riders: Bob Rankin, Chris Anthony, Micah Black
Equipment: Skis and Helicopters

Mike Wiegele's is a place where the wildest skiing dreams become tantalizing reality: "Massive peaks with glaciers, blades of the helicopter coming through the solemn air, powdery snowfields and glaciers." Chris Anthony, Micah Black, and veteran guide Bob Rankin are a powerful team in their own personal version of heaven. Rankin explains: "It's pretty religious up there. It's the only church I need, it's a special place. . . The film crew comes up here each year, and we just smile and laugh and ski these great lines …and have fun. It keeps me young." - Top of Page

Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado: A Winter Paradise
Riders: Chris Davenport, Peter Olenick, Steele Spence, Gretchen Blier, Shay Williams
Equipment: Skis, Snowboards

"Paradise is found at the high end of a mountain valley where storms blow in over the ridge-tops and a fairytale village wraps itself in a blanket of purest white." This sequence goes a long way toward correcting stereotypes of Aspen merely as the playground of the rich and famous. "People are so laid back and friendly, it's just a great group of soul skiers that pretty much love to spend every moment they can up in the mountains." Local hero Chris Davenport and family revel in the "biggest snow storm in the past 3 years." Nicely intercut with a taste of the town's real flavor, some of the stunning vistas that first made Aspen famous, and solid all-terrain riding, Aspen shines in this sequence. - Top of Page

Breckenridge, Colorado: Defying the Rules at the Nissan Outlaw Air Exhibition
Riders: Jeremy Bloom, Travis Ramos, Travis Woodcock, Brent Abrams, Rory Bushfield, Garth Hager, Donovan Power, Brady Johnson, David Babic, Alex Wilson, Luke Westerlund
Equipment: Skis

This bump course goes where no moguls have gone before: inverted, backwards, twisted, and anywhere but legal. With no rules and no judges, these progressive freestylers show FIS (the governing ski committee) what's really going on outside the competition circuit, giving us a glimpse of what's to come in the future of freestyle. Riding the wake of Jonny Moseley's famed "dinner roll," these athletes continue to push the limits of what's allowed in competition. Olympic mogulist Jeremy Bloom and freestyler Travis Ramos join 15-year-old phenom Brent Abrams and other world-class athletes in an all-out assault on bumps and big air. - Top of Page

Vintage Warren Miller Comedy: After the Storm--Ice Sliding
Riders: Various hapless unnamed victims and one persevering dog.
Equipment: Ancient rear-entry boots, utterly unhelpful on bulletproof ice.

No Warren Miller film would be complete without misadventure footage set to Mr. Miller's own trademark witticisms. Here he re-narrates classic footage of skiing's most humbling moments: it's a much-needed breather between the film's blistering action. - Top of Page

Sun Valley, Idaho: Wild Backcountry Stashes
Riders: Zach Crist, Reggie Crist
Equipment: Skis

The film crews venture to the home of Winter X Games Skiercross champions Zach and Reggie Crist. The Crist brothers plunge into the wilds of the Idaho backcountry, hurtling down chutes and sailing off enormous drops. Fused with classic shots of past skiing legends, Warren Miller's editor has accomplished a feat of action, nostalgia, humor, and original personality: "much of what seems new today is only a rebirth of what old-timers used to do." - Top of Page

Cordova, Alaska: All Vertical, All Women
Riders: Charlotte Moats, Jennifer Berg, Jessica Sobolowski
Equipment: Skis and Helicopters

"There are some places on the globe where everything just seems to come together, where sea and land form a perfect border." That place is Cordova, Alaska, where this trio has come together to devour the expansive terrain. "Any morning you're going up in a heli, you never need to drink coffee. The beating of the propellers and the heli exhaust is plenty to get you going." The sequence is punctuated by a propos commentary from the athletes themselves, including the inside fact that Sobolowski broke her sternum just three weeks prior to the trip. Undaunted, the injury and her quick recovery seems to have merely stoked the trio into an even greater adventure. As Berg describes it: "There're jagged- edged ridges right and left and lines to be skied everywhere. We now have five first descents--we're stoked. Big seracs, glaciers, the ocean in the background, it's spectacular." - Top of Page

New School Montage: Redefining Railings
Riders: Phil Poirier, Phil Larose, Vincent Dorion, Tanner Hall, Kristi Leskinen, Evan Raps, Jon Olsson
Equipment: Skis, Handrails, Houses, Swing Sets-you name it!

If you thought rail slides and all the latest terrain park action was the domain of shaky-camera garage flicks, think again. The sequence takes a unique and surprising perspective on the sport and shines new light on the half-pipe, rail-slide, and all the improvisations that are the core of this new movement. And that's to say nothing of the sheer exhilaration of this sequence's monumental rail grinds and precarious action. - Top of Page

Austria: European Freeride Extravaganza
Riders: Barrett Christy, Rob Kingwill, Ben Dolenc
Equipment: Snowboards and Telemark Skis

"Pursuing the storm can be a lengthy and exhausting chase. It's a never-ending quest …till finally the distance has been traveled and all that lays ahead is white." Three powder-hungry freeriders carve through Austria's magnificent mountains, sending powdery rooster tails in their wake. Visually compelling and interspersed with athlete narration and interviews, the sequence balances action with local color. The scene is complete when we see Kingwill become "the test probe" for a massive handmade gap jump. - Top of Page

US Marines: Ski Warriors Meet Ski Movie Stars
Riders: Chris Anthony, Kina Pickett, Chris Paulding, Jeff McKitterick, Capt. Robert M. Geiger & Other US Marines
Equipment: Skis, Cobra attack helicopters, M-16's, Frozen Lakes

Camouflage, M-16's, Cobra attack helicopters--welcome to the US Marines training center in the High Sierras of California. It may seem an odd scene for a Warren Miller movie, but it is actually one of the most remarkable and memorable stories told in the film. When Warren Miller's skiers (nappy and unkempt next to their Marine hosts) arrive, they're in for a few days of tough mountain training: "old skis, hot sun, live ammunition…we're lucky anyone survived." The crew must perform as Marines do through a series of intense drills: plummeting into a frozen lake and completing a 10K biathlon on "unfamiliar Nordic skis lovingly called white rockets." Particularly hilarious is Anthony's icy swim and teeth-chattering attempt to repeat his name, rank, and serial number--it's refreshing to see the limits of guys who seem incapable of error on the side of the world's biggest, most remote mountains. And that's where the sequence closes, in the surprisingly stellar California backcountry, served by perhaps the beefiest helicopter ever to carry a Warren Miller crew. "Our boys may not be Marines, but back on their gear, in their own element, they finally have a chance to show what they can do." - Top of Page

Valdez, Alaska: Heli-Skiing with the Masters, Old and New
Riders: Doug Coombs, Seth Morrison
Equipment: Skis, Helicopters

It's a swift introduction to brash and daring personalities when they appear onscreen surfing between the icebergs of Valdez, Alaska. That's just the teaser introduction to "Valdez heli-ski founding father Doug Coombs." He joins new school legend Seth Morrison, consuming every line on Alaska's massive mountains. These two tremendous athletes, young and old, power down the titanic peaks with the power and style that have made them heroes of the sport. The veteran Coombs says, "Skiing with Seth's fun because he's so talented physically and mentally that I know he's gonna get down anything. He can charge so fast." Likewise, Morrison describes Coombs: " Even though he's 20 years older than I am, he's still more of a kid than I am. He's full of life and he wants everybody to be having a great time, just giggling and having smiles on their faces all day long." Featuring perhaps the hairiest avalanche escape ever filmed, the segment is a triumph: "If you're not smiling, you better change sports. Everyone tries to make it serious, but it's really not a serious sport at all. As long as you're smiling, having fun and feeling loose, you're gonna have the best run of your life!" - Top of Page

Steamboat, Colorado: Bottomless Powder and a Factory for Olympians
Riders: Billy Kidd, Toby Dawson, Caleb Martin, Scott Bradley, Dan Gilchrist
Equipment: Skis & Lots of Powder

"Steamboat skiers dream of glory, of sun-filled days and snow-filled nights. They dream of champagne powder." Introduced as "a factory that produces Olympic skiers," Steamboat actually comes across as a factory for perfect deep powder snow. "Maybe it's the quality of snow, the tradition, the air we breathe, or maybe it's just the water." U.S. Ski Team members Toby Dawson and Caleb Martin and telemarkers Scott Bradley and Dan Gilchrist show a grit and gusto in this bountiful powder that will make audiences salivate--but then with this kind of snow, don't we all imagine we can ride like that? It simply looks like a whole lot of fun up there on the big screen. - Top of Page

Snowboard Montage: Boarding Brilliance
Riders: Dave Downing, Terje Haakonsen, Frederik Kalbermatten, Heikki Sorsa
Equipment: Snowboards

From terrain park insanity to backcountry belligerence, this sequence is all-out snowboarding hedonism. The sport's top riders flaunt their most astounding tricks in a film segment both authentic and expressive for the sport. Intensely engaging, the sequence draws you in, takes you along, and leaves you breathless in a fast-paced mountain odyssey. - Top of Page

Whistler Blackcomb: Something for Everyone
Riders: Hugo Harrison, Jennifer Ashton, Scott McLorie, Ryan Oakden
Equipment: Skis, Snowboards

Sometimes it's nice to get a little local color of the places Warren Miller films. The picture painted of Whistler Blackcomb is one of "something for everyone." The sequence mixes a sense of a bustling village and festival atmosphere with the terrain for which the pair of mountains are rightfully famous. From half-pipe and big-air action to impressive descents both in-bounds and off-piste, we see: "two mountains, big vertical, and deep powder." The in-bounds action is powerful, but the surrounding backcountry offers some of the most spectacular skiing in the film: steep chutes, towering cornices, crisp powder, and solid performances from the athletes to match it all. - Top of Page

Extreme Mountain Bikes
Riders: A Cast of the Craziest Riders Around!

Equipment: Mountain bikes

The visuals of this scene absolutely speak for themselves. Words simply can't do justice to the world's most fearless and talented riders, teetering on the edge of chaos. Witness spectacular crashes that will leave you cringing and asking yourself "why would they attempt that?" The driving beat of the music carries audiences through and leaves them white-knuckled and exhausted after just a few minutes of footage. - Top of Page

Glen Plake at Lake Tahoe: The Man Behind the Mohawk Lets His Hair Down
Rider: Glen Plake
Equipment: Skis (210 cm)

"In his element, in his own words, in a way that few have ever seen him before…" Skiing's original bad boy, Glen Plake, lets his hair down and gives us a guided tour of his own turf in the spring: hiking through Tahoe's wilderness and up to the remaining snow-pack in order to spend a few days in the solitude of the mountains. "On about the third or fourth day you start getting into it. You really don't care about anything else in the world." Still going strong on his old-school 210 cm skis, it's refreshing to see a new side of an old favorite, Glen Plake. Although he's left his mohawk mousse at home, his trademark chuckle punctuates the scene and fans can't help but want to come along. - Top of Page

South Georgia Island: A Magical Voyage to No-Man's Land
Riders: Hilaree Nelson, Rick Armstrong, Doug Stoup, John Griber
Equipment: Skis, Snowboard, Sailboat

"Not all the world was designed for humankind. In a far-flung Antarctic sea, ocean waves crash on a stony shore, and an island rises from the swell." Welcome to South Georgia Island, a lonely crag of ice and snow in the South Atlantic, near the Antarctic Peninsula. "This is no one's country, no one's homeland. Here no comforts await, no populations abound. Here man does not rule." Imagine a land virtually untouched by humans. There is a lot to see here--beaches brimming with king penguins, elephant seals and albatross; jagged mountains rising from the banks of a punishing sea; scattered debris of abandoned settlements. The camera crew and athletes, searching for powder and peaks never touched or even mapped by humans, set out to retrace--and explore beyond--the historic steps of Sir Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated voyage in 1914. "Few ski expeditions begin on the open sea…800 miles of the Scotia Sea, four days without sight of land, on a ship measuring less than 60 feet." The reward for a month-long expedition is the crew's successful summit of one of the most remote mountains in the world. The storm subsides and in a fitting end to the film, the crew carves historic first tracks under a blue sky, back down to the sea. - Top of Page

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