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Media Note: Direct narration from the script always appears in italics and quotes.

Opening Montage
An opening montage of quick cuts from the film showcases all the thrills and spills that is the essence of any Warren Miller film!

Whistler- The Dawn Patrol Clears the Way for Freeriders
Riders: Robin Courcelles, Hugo Harrison, and Jennifer Ashton
Equipment: Skis

Suspense is high and the adrenaline flows as the brave "dawn patrol" of British Columbia's majestic Whistler blasts danger away from the mountain. These "avalanche hunters" trigger snow slides each morning, risking their lives to make the mountain a safer place. Following tremendous explosions of snow, freeriders Robin Courcelles, Hugo Harrison, and Jennifer Ashton blast through the powder, skiing as powerfully and gracefully as the mountains surrounding them. Narrating this sequence in his father's footsteps, Kurt Miller explains, "every rider dreams of coming here, then dreams of coming back." Exploding through the expansive terrain, the freeriding team taps into the passion that is the essence of snowriding. - Top of Page

Schrab Brothers 1- Crazy in Wisconsin
Riders: Adam and Luke Schrab
Equipment: Saws, hammers, anything they can get their hands on!

How do you aim to become the best freestyle aerialists in the Midwest when the place is flat? Well, if you're the Schrab brothers, you get a pile of telephone poles, lots of wood and bales of hay, and build your own "mountain". Back for their second Warren Miller appearance, Luke and Adam Schrab are building a bigger and better ski jump than last year on their Wisconsin farm. Luke explains, "we're limited on snow here, so we're gonna build up a big pile of hay bales and then we're gonna build the jump on it." This creative duo spends their time hammering away, working on creating a jump that will send them flying higher than ever. And of course, the Warren Miller crew is there to capture it, because when "skiers go from unknowns to celebrities in the course of a year, and still choose to do their skiing in the Midwest, they deserve to be visited again." Stay tuned, we'll check back with the Schrabs in a moment… - Top of Page

New Zealand- The Quest for the Summit
Riders: Bob Rankin and Eric Pehota
Equipment: Skis

After bungee jumping with "vertical junkie" Bob Rankin in the spectacular countryside of New Zealand, Eric Pehota and Director/Cameraman Chris Patterson set out with Rankin to summit the "unskied Southwest face of Mount Aspiring." Suddenly hit by terrible weather, the group is forced to take shelter inside a tiny hut for days. Determined to conquer this peak, they begin to hike as the storm subsides. But when you're mountaineering, "even when the weather dawns clear, there's no guarantee of success." Two hundred feet from the top of the mountain, the skiers are confronted with insurmountable thick blue ice, and they're forced to turn back before reaching the summit. As they ski down with unbelievable skill and unmistakable smiles, it's obvious that despite the obstacles they encountered, the journey was worth it. - Top of Page

Keystone- Tearing Down the Slopes
Riders: Toby Dawson, Sean Glynn, Jim Smith, Justine Van Houte, Justin Patnode
Equipment: Skis and snowboard

Join Justin Patnode, Toby Dawson, Jim Smith and Justine Van Houte as they tear it up at newly expanded Keystone. Although the resort was once known for gentle terrain, "after recent developments, there's nothing mild about Keystone." As these riders blast through moguls, cruise through the trees, catch big air, and whip through the terrain park, it is clear that "skiing and snowboarding are being defined by a new breed of athletes who are interested in doing things a new way." - Top of Page

North Cascade- Big Mountain Heli-Boarding
Riders: Barrett Christy, Rob Kingwill, and Julie Zell
Equipment: Snowboards

Freeriders Rob Kingwell, Julie Zell, and Barrett Christy jump on a heli-ski trip in the Pacific Northwest "where mountains soar out of the sea and snow covers the summits like powdered sugar." These riders devour the wildly expansive, untouched terrain. The riders ease through jaw-dropping lines with impeccable form. After experiencing North Cascade Heli-Skiing, Kurt Miller can confidently say, "Roads don't go this far… take my advice. Don't wait for them to build the road." - Top of Page

France- Out of Control Adrenaline
Riders: A Variety of Fearless Risk Takers
Equipment: Parachute, skis, snowboards

It doesn't get any more extreme than this! Head to France, go to the top of the tallest, most jagged peak you can find… and JUMP! Hopefully your parachute will open. Wild BASE-jumping and parachuting sequences are interspersed with the sickest skiing and snowboarding ever! These guys mean business. Ridiculous steeps, outrageous peaks, and tremendous air might just make your heart stop completely. It's time to get crazy! - Top of Page

Vintage- Old Footage of the Original Skiing Masters
Riders: Legendary Skiers of the past, including Jimmy Huega and Stein Erickson
Equipment: Skis

Travel back in time through the Warren Miller film archives with this fun tribute to the legendary skiers of the past. These funky, peppy, sexy pioneers skied with incomparable elegance. They pushed the limits of the past and took skiing to a new level. "We ride the way we do today because they showed us it was possible." It's truly mesmerizing to watch these all-time greats as they swish, swing, and slide down the mountain with superlative style. - Top of Page

Schrab 2- Anything For Snow
Riders: Adam and Luke Schrab
Equipment: Ice drill and water pump

Meanwhile, back in Wisconsin…those Schrabs are still at it! Determined to cover their jump with "skiable snow," they drive 3 miles to the nearest lake, break through the ice, and fill their tanks with ice water. - Top of Page

Backcountry Riding
Riders: Jonaven Moore, Matt Domanski, Derek Heidt, David Carrier Porcheron
Equipment: Snowboards

Four very lucky snowboarders experience the backcountry powder day of their lives courtesy of a snowmobile! Floating down incredible slopes in British Columbia, these riders show us what it's like to be completely free in the untracked backcountry. - Top of Page

The Event- Bumps and Big Air
Riders: Super swift aerialists and mogul competitors
Equipment: Skis

It's an exhibition that flies high above the rest: The Nissan Bumps and Big Air Exhibition at Breckenridge. The motto here? "Go big or go home!" Some of the best young jumpers and bumpers launch outrageous new school tricks. The skiers give us their perspective on freeriding, "it's great to go off the jumps and catch big air and just fly." We also get an insider's glimpse of what it's like to be on the Warren Miller camera crew. This segment is certainly full of attitude and spunk, inspiring us with "the new freeriding direction of skiing." - Top of Page

Big Sky- Behind the Scenes and on the Snow with Riding Masters
Riders: Chris Anthony, Asia Jenkins, Kina Pickett, Sean O'Brien and Mickey Price
Equipment: Skis and snowboard

What's it like to be on the road with Warren Miller? Jump in an Xterra with riders (and closet comedians) Chris Anthony, Asia Jenkins, Kina Pickett, Sean O'Brien and Mickey Price, and head up to beautiful "Big Sky, in Southwestern Montana." This mountain has "big acreage, big vertical, and an extensive tram to take you to…the cliffs and couloirs of Lone Peak, where we fill the air with powder." This behind the scenes look at the Warren Miller crew in Big Sky is packed with big lines, big skiing, and a big fall that is sure keep you on the edge of your seat. - Top of Page

Schrab 3- Successful Snowmaking
Riders: Adam and Luke Schrab
Equipment: Electricity, pumps and water

The boys are finally successful in assembling a snowmaker! Luke explains, "We're actually making snow. We've made snow before, but our machines always seem to break." So far, so good. - Top of Page

Russia- A Passionate Journey
Riders: Daniel Caruso, Kina Pickett and Rex Wehrman
Equipment: Skis and snowboard

Follow Daniel Caruso, Kina Pickett and Rex Wehrman on an epic journey as they attempt to conquer Mt. Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe. Encountering "sketchy" situations, and withstanding intense altitude sickness, they make it to the top "through pure adrenaline or just pure will… taking one step after the other." At the summit, Caruso declares, "it's all downhill from here, baby!" The trio rides down with glory and mastery that can only emerge after an accomplishment like this. Wehrman reflects, "After we got down it was worth all the pain and suffering we did to get up there. It was a good team victory." - Top of Page

Steamboat- The Power of Powder in Ski Town USA
Riders: World Class Athletes Billy Kidd, Nelson Carmichael, and Anne Battelle
Equipment: Skis

If "there's a town in the West where kids are born on skis," it's Steamboat, Colorado. From the depths of its notorious champagne powder, world champions have emerged- stars like Nelson Carmichael, Anne Battelle, and Billy Kidd. In this segment, these champs and other world-class skiers power through powder, and reveal their flair for big air, propelling off jumps and firing it up in the half pipe. After seeing the "unbeatable terrain," you will agree that, "If you don't think Steamboat is the luckiest place in the world to grow up, then you're probably in the wrong movie theater." - Top of Page

Australian Jump for Cash- Ridiculous Comedy
Riders: A bunch of zany people
Equipment: Anything and everything creative and crazy

"We are just about set for some absolute lunacy here" in Australia. Teams and individuals endeavor to zip off a ski jump and catapult across a pool of water in a ridiculous attempt to win cold, hard cash. Creativity abounds as we witness strange competitors such as: a kayaking clown, a sledding barbecue squad, a little-engine-that-could, and even Elvis Presley, leaping through the air and sometimes crashing on the ground. This segment is sure to induce a wave of chuckles! - Top of Page

Island Lake Lodge- Big Air Snowboarding
Riders: A Team of Ripping Riders
Equipment: Snowboards

"The new wave in snowboarding seems to be to take nature and make it into a playground." You'll undoubtedly be amazed as some of "the best riders from Europe and North America" catch tremendous air and perform astounding tricks on man-made jumps "creating some serious hang time." - Top of Page

Schrab 4- Midnight Madness
Riders: Adam and Luke Schrab
Equipment: Snow gun and tractor

It's now the "middle of the night and freezing cold," a time when most of us are inside and asleep. But not the Schrabs, because there's no time like now to make snow! Adam is optimistic as he cheerfully says, "hopefully by the morning, we'll be jumping!" - Top of Page

Austria- A Powder Paradise
Riders: Eva Sandelgard, Sepp Berlinger, and Armin Maurer
Equipment: Snowboards

Throwing rooster tails of powder in their wake, Eva Sandelgard, Sepp Berlinger, and Armin Maurer immerse themselves in the steep, yet unbelievably serene mountains of Austria. They glide through the terrain, floating majestically through flawless snow. The trio cruises the streets of the country as well, giving us a glimpse of European life. For Eva, "the feeling of a perfect snowboard day is lots of powder, my best friends… long, long runs, and never-ending… powder." Emphasizing life-long happiness, this trio is a model of people living perfect lives. Eva's dream is to "continue to travel and see new countries, new cultures" and, of course, "new mountains." - Top of Page

Slednecks- There's No Limits!
Riders: Snowmobilers with a need for speed
Equipment: Snowmobiles

It's time for the newest craze in snow sports - extreme snowmobiling. Get your fill of skiing and snowboarding, then start up the motor and jump on! Watch these daredevil drivers as they jump, fly, flip, and jump some more. As these snowmobilers rocket off cliffs and vault over each other, you have some of the most extreme in-your-face snowmobiling ever filmed! - Top of Page

Weigele's- Heli-Skiing with the Legend
Riders: Craig Kelly, Shannon Schad, and Bob Rankin
Equipment: Skis and snowboards

Next time you're sitting at your office job, close your eyes and imagine blue skies, the best snow in the world, and a private helicopter at your disposal. You might just be transported to Mike Weigele's in Blue River British Columbia. Bob Rankin, Shannon Schad, and legendary Craig Kelly turn this dream into a reality as they sail through glorious terrain and pristine powder. Riding with mesmerizing skill, these three show us snowriding at its best, inspiring Kurt Miller to reflect, "It confirms what I've always known; that there's no better way to live your life than on snow covered slopes." - Top of Page

Schrab 5- Those Crazy Kids Finally Take the Plunge
Riders: Adam and Luke Schrab
Equipment: Skis and a Nissan-powered rope tow

The time has finally come! Powered by a modified Nissan towing machine, Luke and Adam make their way to the top of the ramp. And then, one at a time, they take the leap! After a few tries they are flying flawlessly through the air. Their mission is successful, but they're not ready to stop at this victory. According to Luke, "We've got plans for next year. Bigger and better plans." - Top of Page

Greenland- The Expedition of a Lifetime
Riders: Jay Nelson, Jeremy Nobis, and Megan Pitsche
Equipment: Skis, snowboard, motorboats and kayaks

Jump on a plane and be whisked away to the majesty and brilliance of exotic Greenland. After kayaking through ice-filled water, and ascending the grand mountains of this land, there's only one thing left to do… RIDE! Bask in the splendor of dazzling powder and steeps, as Megan Pitsche, Jeremy Nobis, and Jay Nelson rip down some of the most gorgeous terrain on the planet. Riding impeccably through this spectacular remote landscape, we celebrate the spirit of snowriding. - Top of Page


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