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Burton Nugget Snowboard Screwdriver Tools

Three screwdrivers and a bottle opener.

For availability, price, and to purchase
Burton Kron Snowboard Tools

All the bells and whistles you will need for your snowboard and a bottle opener too.

For availability, price, and to purchase
DaKine Cool Tool Snowboard Tools

All of the attachments you need on the slope in a form factor that fits in a pocket and is easy to use.

For availability, price, and to purchase
DaKine Deluxe Snowboard Tune-Up Kit

A complete snowbaord tuning kit in a hard-sided case.

For availability, price, and to purchase
Deluxe Ski & Snowboard Tuning Kit

A compact, yet complete tuning kit for skis and snowboards. Bevel adjustable from 1? to 5?. Includes MT-701 tuner, stones, base leveler, brake holder, brush and more.

For availability, price, and to purchase
FK Tools Edge Trick

For quick and easy refinishing and deburring of side edges on the slopes.

For availability, price, and to purchase
FK Tools Pocket II Racing Ski and Snowboard Tuner

The FK Tools Pocket II has the same great shape as the best selling Pocket I Tuner. It will tune the side edge to 88? or 89? bevel. It sharpens to a fixed 1? base bevel.

For availability, price, and to purchase
FK Tools Multi-tuner Base & Side Edge Beveler

THE FK Tools Multi-tuner Ski and Snowboard Tuner is a single tool that will sharpen and bevel the side and abse edges. Dial a precise angle from 1? to 5? in 0.5? increments. For the discriminating rider.

For availability, price, and to purchase
Mill File Swivel Cut Tuning File

Same as above except with standard file.

For availability, price, and to purchase
FKS Tools - SKS2000 Ski and Snowboard Waxing Iron

The ski and snowboard waxer is the ideal waxing iron for all waxes on all bases.

For availability, price, and to purchase
Zardoz NotWax Ski and Snowboard Wax Kit

Buy the full NOTwax Kit (wax, refill, base cleaner) for all you need for 60+ days of great skiing.

For availability, price, and to purchase
Cerax Nylon Brush

For base preparation and cleaning of alpine and nordic skis and snowboards.

For availability, price, and to purchase
Cerax Horsehair Polishing Brush

Used for the final polishing of the prepared base.

For availability, price, and to purchase
Cerax Fine Brass Brush

For cleaning and preparation of the base of alpine and nordic skis and snowboards

For availability, price, and to purchase
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