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Churchill Fins NRS Churchill Scuba Fins

Powerful, portable swim fins. By Northwest River Supplies.

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TYR Split Fin (XS-M & XXL) TYR Split Fin (XS-M & XXL)

The unique split blades slice through the water with two winged surfaces creating lift and forward propulsion much like a propeller. Features: Designed to produce maximum power with a smaller, more frequent flutter kick Constructed of Monoprene which features stretch and comfort while retaining physical memory Pantented dual foot pocket/blade design and extended foot rails

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Zoomers Blue Fitness Swim Fins (E & G) Zoomers Blue Fitness Swim Fins (E & G)

If your fitness workout consists of swimming continously, choose BLUE. They will let you keep your legs active throughout the workout, resulting in excellent cardiovascular conditioning. Features: New softer rubber

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Zoomers Competition Red Swim Fins (F Only) Zoomers Competition Red Swim Fins (F Only)

If your kick is very efficient, then RED fins give you the better workout and will let you swim faster. Features: New softer rubber

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