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If you have a website dedicated to snow sports and are requesting link to your website, we are happy to do so, contingent with the following:
  • A link is first provided to from the same domain as the requesting website. The link must be easily found by following standard site navigation from the requesting website's home page.
  • The requesting website directly relates to snow sports in some way.
  • approves the content of the requesting website.
  • The requesting website at's sole discretion, is suitable for all ages and is not considered to have or promote illegal material or activities.
  • All links are periodically reviewed and subject to removal at any time without notification (previous inclusion does not guarantee continued inclusion).

When linking to please link to our home page at using the following Title & description: A Skiing Snowboarding & Snow Sports Resource - Worldwide snow sports information, resort descriptions, official resort links, club links, local resources, travel information, and snow sports related product links.

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