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Tired of searching the internet aimlessly for specific information?  Let us do the research for you!!!

If it's on the internet WE WILL FIND IT!!!  Just follow the steps below to send us a request for the specific snow sports information you're looking for, and we will send you an e-mail report of our findings.  It's that simple!

There is a $10.00 fee (United States funds) for this service good for a one to two page summary covering our findings for your request. Please be aware, the more specific and focused your request the more specific and focused our summary will be. This service is intended to provide summary information on focused topics to aid and speed up your research on a particular subject, and is not intended to be an all inclusive mass documentation retrieval service.


STEP#1 - Read all the instructions before proceeding.
STEP#2 - Click on the PayPal Icon below.
STEP#3 - If you are a PayPal member you will be asked to give your member ID & Password.
STEP#4 - If you are NOT a PayPal member you must become a member of PayPal to take advantage of this service.
STEP#5 - In the comments box please provide your name, e-mail address, and specifics on the information you would like to receive from us.
STEP#6 - Within three business days (Monday - Friday) you should receive an e-mail report from summarizing our findings on your request.
NOTE: If for some reason your request is deemed to be outside the intended scope of this service, or for some reason we are unable to fulfill your request the $10.00 fee will be refunded to you via your PayPal account.


Interested in more information on this service?
Send an e-mail to:
Include "Request Information Research" in the subject heading. Skiing and Snowboarding information worldwide.
The snow is falling somewhere, get out and have fun!!!

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